Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of AUM

We are committed to providing the most suitable work for you without any breach of your privacy. We collect the minimum amount of data that is needed to create the content according to your requirement. This privacy policy explains the type of information that may be collected as commensurate to give you the best services.

Collection of Information

We are allowed to collect the information needed to accomplish your assigned work depending on the type of transaction and project. This may include data like names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and website data (as per requirement). We may also collect any other information needed to achieve the undertaken task from time to time.

Use of the Collected Information

The data collected on our website may be used to monitor the purpose of your visit to the website. This information will help us to provide a better user experience and help us in providing relevant searches. We take all precautionary measures to prevent any unauthorised access to the data collected.

Use of Cookies

To provide a better user experience, we use “cookies” that is, data stored on the website that can be used later to recognise an account and provide relatable information. The use of cookies will help us to get more relevant information that will help us to provide suitable adverts based on your online behaviour. You have the ability to not accept cookies but this may disable some functionalities on the website.

Security of Information

The data or information collected will be safe and secure with no breach of privacy. We will not share or disclose any personal data with third parties without the permission of the user. If at any given point, there arises a need to share information at a later time will be only with your approval. Suitable and capable precautionary measures are taken to prevent any unauthorised access to the data collected. You will be provided with the option to unsubscribe from any emails or newsletters that you may have subscribed to with us.

Some general information like the number of visitors to our website or completing the registration form may be shared from time to time with third parties. However, we assure you that information that could identify any individual will not be shared from our end without consent.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Any changes that may be incorporated into our Privacy Policy will be uploaded in this section and will supersede any previous version of the Privacy policy. If any change is implemented and updated in the policy, effective measures will be taken to inform you about the same. Still, we suggest you read this document whenever you visit the website, to stay updated on our policy and see that it matches your approval.

Contact Us

In case of any doubts or confusion regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to connect with us. To know about the information collected you may mail us at or contact us at +91 97259 33272.

Please Note that you may also request to remove your details from any list under our control.

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