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In 2009, a journalist by the name Rob Walker wanted to find out is storytelling really the most powerful tool of all?

In order to do this he bought around 200 objects each at an average price of $1.He then called 200 authors and asked them to be part of this and write stories around these objects. After few days of work he was ready with 200 objects along with 200 stories.

He then posted all these objects on ebay to sell them online. Would there be any difference? Would there be any change in the perception for those products?

Yes, the products which were bought at $129 and were sold at around $8000. Stories have exceptional power of changing the markets, changing the perception for the brand resulting an emotional and sentimental attachment towards the brand. We believe that advertising is about telling stories and engaging audience which creates desire for the brand.

  • Our Values

    To be transparent, proficient and punctual in order to achieve an integral growth.

  • Our Vision

    Be the synonym of brand building with a suitable and need-specific plan for brand empowerment and growth.

  • Our Mission

    To encircle the orbit of advertising and brand building while tripling our clientele by expanding our horizon pan-India by 2025.

Our Core Team Players

We believe in “Dream works when your team works”.

Our core team players are the driving force of our organisation who can competently hold the reign of your brand-building journey.

Be it our exuberant graphic designers who can give you a visual treat while working magic with keys, our content writers who paint transforming ideas with words or be it our digital marketers analysing data and trends to give you the optimum result, we all work with enthusiasm, coherence and collaboration to tell an appealing brand story that will be etched in everyone’s mind.

Founder's Speak
  • Mr. Paritosh Vyas
    (Founder, CEO)

    Ever tried winking at a girl in dark?

    Even if you did, kya farq parta hai kyunki kisiko dikha to nahi!

    Business without marketing is just like that! You may be the best in your field but if proper branding and advertising is not done, nobody will notice your presence. With AUM let your brand shine the best, before you are left behind the rest!

Why Choose Us
  • Goal Oriented

    Goal Oriented

    Focussed on the requirement of our clients, we create the perfect branding and advertising solution for your company.

  • Straight Talking

    Straight talking

    No beating around the bush. We believe in open communication and honest suggestions!

  • Creative Ideas

    Creative ideas

    We believe, the marriage of creativity and ideas is a match made in the heaven. One cannot exist without the other.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

    Digital marketing specialist

    With an integrated solution for digital marketing, branding and advertising, we will be your reliable Digital Marketing partner.

Client Speak

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